My Citizen Journalism research

Testing. I just returned from Seoul, Korea to do my thesis research on citizen journalism. I was able to interview  ohmynews chief editor Eun Taek Hong. The South Korean website is deemed the best website in the world that implements citizen journalism. It has 44,000 citizen journalists along with some 70 professional journalists. Other interviews were just additional information. Hope I could finish my master degree in journalism in Ateneo de Manila University under the scholarship from Konrad Adenaur Asian Center for Journalism this October *Moch. N. Kurniawan (Iwan)*



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3 responses to “My Citizen Journalism research

  1. Ami

    Finally sifind punya blog mudah2an bisa jadi ajang bersilahturahmi, dan menjadi media informasi buat anggotanya!

    Good Luck buat researchnya ya Iwan!

  2. hi udah ada yang nengok..thx you.


  3. bisakah saya mendapat kontak Moch. N. Kurniawan (Iwan)?


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