Report from our scholarship to SDN Purwosari 2

I translate part of  the letter from Hartiningsih, Head of Primary School SDN Purwosari 2, Pati, Central Java. ( I will scan the original letter and post it in the blog later) – Thx Iwan.

I would like to report to the donors from Singapore International Foundation (SIF) Alumni that the donation, which is used to help smart but poor students from our school and now continue their studies in junior high schools, will be placed in the Education Development Forum for SDN Purwosari 2. This is necessary to distinguish donation from the society with fund from the government.

Two students Aprilia and Dian Lutfiani are now in SMP 2 Pati, one of the favorite schools in town, 6 kilometers from Purwosari. Iski, Istiana and Yulianti are in SMP Tlogowungu, less than one kilometer from Purwosari (addition from me).

The financial report is as follow:
1. Donation  Rp 2.5 million
2.Uniforms for Aprilia and Dian Lutfiani (SMP2) Rp 890,000
3. Uniforms for Iski, Istiana, Yulianti Rp 841,000
4. Transportation allowance for April n Dian Rp 104,000
5. Uniform for Trianto (a poor student, who is almost unable to study due to lack of fund) Rp 190,000
Expenses 2.025 m

We saved the remaining Rp 475,000 in a bank account in BPR/BKK Tlogowungu.

It is just the beginning of the future of five children. Two children, who study in SMP 2, would need to buy books at Rp 225,000 each every semester. Three children in SMP 1 Tlogowungu would also need the same amount of money per semester for books.

In total, they all need Rp 1,125 million per semester to buy book or Rp 2.25 million per year.

Our two students in SMP 2 would also need financial support for transportation as they should travel 6 kilometers from their houses to reach their school. For the two students, transportation costs are Rp 2.2 million a year.

10 students in fifth and sixth grade of SDN Purwosari 2, who received financial support from SIF Alumni, would also need new uniforms in January.

We suggest SIF Alumni to donate the fund monthly to the students rather than occasionally, so that
1. SIF Alumni will not suffer too many financial burden
2. We could regularly submit our financial responsibility every month.
3. If there is a financial surplus in the bank account, we could open a deposit account (hehe maksudnya dana abadi) under SIF Alumni name.

Thank you very much for all your support. We really appreciate it.
Head of SDN Purwosari 2

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