Seeking fund for SIF fellowship Alumni scholarship program

As the scholarship program of the SIF fellowship Indonesia alumni  continues to grow, the alumni know that it’s the time to ask friends and other institutions to be part of the program. There are now 55 students funded by the scholarship scheme and it keeps increasing by five new students every year.

In March this year, we have submitted our proposal to Bank Mandiri to help fund the scholarship and we have planned to hold a fund raising program through ‘a meet with author and photo exhibit’ in October 1.

Our proposal to Bank Mandiri has not yet been responded, but it seems that we will likely realize the meet with author and photo exhibit event.

Good thing from this scholarship program is that the first beneficiriaries have studied at the second year of senior high schools since they first received the aid five years ago. Two more years, however, they will continue to study at universities, where we must find a lot of fund to help finance them.

We believe that there would be solutions for those challenges. “If there is a will, there is a way.”


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