Idul Fitri gathering with scholarship beneficiaries

By Moch N. Kurniawan (SIF 97)

On Sept. 9, I went back home in Tlogowungu, Pati, Central Java from Jakarta for an annual Idul Fitri homecoming trip. I was excited not only because  I will meet my family, but also to see the faces of the future, the beneficiaries of SIF fellowship Indonesian alumni scholarship.

I have asked the beneficiaries to gather in my parents home on the second day of Idul Fitri as I wanted to share with them about the upcoming Oct. 1 fund raising program through Meet with Author and Photo Exhibit. I also usually used past gatherings to encourage them to study harder and pray so that they can reach their dream because God will always listen to those who work hard and pray.

This time, I let my father to give a speech to the beneficiaries and their parents, while I concentrated on taking pictures, which will be featured on Oct. 1 event in Jakarta.

Below are several pictures from the Idul Fitri gathering with the beneficiaries. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of me with them. 🙂 well that’s the destiny of a photographer.

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