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This blog represents the activities of Yayasan Indonesia Bright and its members who are the Indonesian alumni of the SIF – ASEAN Visiting Students Fellowship program from early 1993-2004 and SIF – International Students Symposium 2005.  During the program,  we did not only meet with other fellows from ASEAN countries but also got a chance to study in two – later three- major universities in Singapore (NUS, NTU) for one semester.

Each of us now has his/her own life, but together, we try to contribute something to the society. So here is our blog, our activity,  and we welcome you if you would like to be our friends.

Contact us:

Fenny Karlavita Siregar (fenny_ks@yahoo.co.id)

Moch N. Kurniawan (kurniawan.moch@gmail.com, ym: neolabirin)

Dian Maharani (hikaru_shm@yahoo.com)

Ubaidillah Nugraha (nubai@excite.com)


4 responses to “About Us

  1. Katherine Joy Vega

    Dear Indonesian SIF friends,

    I am a fellow SIF alumni from the Philippines (Batch 1994). I had the chance to visit Jakarta & Bandung way back 1994. My hosts were Hariyo & Justi of Batch 1994. I will have the chance to visit Jakarta again at the end of Oct 2009. I was wondering if you could help me get in touch with anyone from Batch 1994 so we could meet up. I will appreciate this greatly.

    Thank you and I hope to get a response soon (well prior to my trip).

    Katherine Joy Vega
    SIF Batch 1994 – Philippines

  2. Salam,
    A PhD research fellow at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India. working on systems of religious higher education, a comparative study between Kerala state of India and Java island of indonesia..
    had done a recent fieldwork in Indonesia..
    hope to keep in touch with scholars like you and share experiences

  3. Assalamualaikum wr wb….
    apa kabar teman teman…bagaimana kondisi kesehatan dan rumah serta lingkungan kantor setelah musibah banjir melanda Jakarta pada 16 – 18 Januari 2013 kemarin?

    semoga tidak terkena banjir.Sekiranya terkena banjir, kondisi nya sudah sehat semua…..

    Jika ada saudara kita Alumni SIF terkena banjir, mari kita sama sama alumni SIF membantunya…



    Eman Sulaeman Nasim
    Batch 94

  4. CPC rated Recognized Communities Need More
    Wednesday, February 20, 2013 | 9:09
    Audit Board Audit Board

    Related News

    BPK Audit Requested Project Rekind

    CPC: Ministries and Institutions Need to Fix Audited

    Related CPC Hambalang Actionable Audit Commission

    CPC Standards Push Mechanism owned Bank Accounts

    Finance: Audit Exit Interview Required

    JAKARTA-The presence and strategic functions of the Republic of Indonesia State Audit Board (BPK RI) need to be more widely known due to the fact they like in an ivory tower.

    “Strategic role in preventing acts of corruption and misuse of state finances. Higher institutions of this country can actually save people money from the various cases of corruption and manipulation, because its function is prevention,” said Communications Consultant of Indonesiachannel are also teaching courses Public Relations ( PR), Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, University of Indonesia (UI FISIP) Eman S Nasim in a press conference in Jakarta, Tuesday (19/2).

    It was announced in front of Forum participants Manager Key Performance Indicators (KPI) semester 2 (two) Audit Board of the Republic of Indonesia which followed 68 participants from all over the BPK RI representative office in Indonesia and lasted for two days and was officially opened by the Head of the Main Directorate Planning, Evaluation and Development (Ditama Revbang), Bambang Pamungkas.

    According to him, the role of other institutions such as the KPK (Corruption Eradication Commission) to act after act of corruption done.

    “The function and role of BPK RI is currently known only to senior government officials, leaders and State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) and the Regional-Owned Enterprises (enterprises). They each semester regularly visited by the BPK auditor to do the audit and performance, “he said.

    However, he added, people who do not come into contact with a number of agencies that most have yet to understand and do not understand the function and gait important BPK RI.

    To that end, he said, the function and role of BPK RI, needs to be improved in order to save the country from a variety of acts of corruption and it needs to gain wider support from the public and parliament.

    “How do I want to provide support, if most people do not understand the importance of the role and functions of BPK RI?” the former Chairman of the Student Senate’s UI.

    According to Eman S Nasim, one of the reasons people do not know the existence and role of the essential functions of BPK RI is due to higher institutions of this country to socialize less, either directly to the public or informal community leaders, and through the mass media.

    Examples of national press BPK RI itself, further Eman S Nasim, already have the means to promote the importance of the role and function that can be known by the public.

    Means, in addition to BPK RI website that can be viewed and read Internet users from around the world, as well as financial examination report to various government agencies and their state and local enterprises.

    However, he said, the language used in the writing of the report has not been a lot of people understand.

    In addition to many languages ​​and finance and accounting terms, the use of the style still feels stiff. The result is still interesting to read most of the general public.

    “In the future, the website BPK RI need to create or write a report of the examination by using simple language and sentences as used national press, he said.

    Eman suggested, there is no harm or web site administrators and auditors BPK RI in mennyusun information and report the results of the examination, follow the way in which journalists and media managers in Indonesia.

    Apart from the use of words, language and sentence, Eman also suggest pages of each report prepared, not all of which contain text or a stiff sentence.

    “In order not tired eyes to read it, it does not hurt every page decorated or interspersed with garfis, tables or statistics. Whenever possible, vary with the photo. Every front page report BPK RI should be designed as attractive as possible,” he said. (Ant / HRB)

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