“Starts from yourself, starts from small things, starts from NOW” (Abdullah Gymnastiar)

1. Circumcision Project

July 2005 – Cord. Annas Ahmad (SIf ‘01)

Inspired by SIF-ASEAN student fellowship alumni conference April 2005, Indonesian alumni start to kick off their existences in volunteerism action. More than 25 alumni fellow from batch 1995 to 2004 organize Circumcision for  the unfortunate. The idea came from dr. Sinta (SIF 94), and triggered by Ibrahim (SIF 94) for fund raising to support the project.

Collaboration with SIF Alumni Indonesia, Medical Faculty University of Indonesia and local government of Menteng Atas, 25 kids were invited to the circumcision day at Menteng Atas distric office on 3 July 2005. We also got goodie bags from sponsors ACNielsen, Panasonic, and Nestle which contacted by SIF Alumni. 3 days afterward we return back to the area to check the condition of kids after circumed.

Even the number of kids was below our expectation, we feel happy to continue the spirit of fellowship. Really memorize back our prestigious moment in fellowship. In the future we plan to do more volunteerism. Let’s make this vision become the real action.

2. Scholarship Project

January 2006 – Cord. Ayu (SIF ’04) / Iwan (SIF ’97)

Education is always one of main problem in Indonesia. With the spirit of “let’s do something for others”, SIF Indonesia Alumni started their scholarship project. Collaborated with the principal of the school, who is mother of Iwan (SIF 97), we distribute donation to SDN Purwosari 2 (elementary school) in Pati, a small city in Central Java. The donation was collected from SIF Indonesia alumni and used to support smart yet unfortunate students for their uniforms & transportation allowance. We plan to support the selected students at least until they finish their high school

In 2007, we plan to add approximately 10 more kids to be supported by the scholarship project. Currently the assessment of school recipient is undergoing

To continue the scholarship project, several alumni agree to donate regularly to SIF Indonesia Alumni under our bank account. If you’d like to support us, you can send your donation to Bank Mandiri, Wisma Metropolitan Jakarta branch, A/C 122-00-0450096- 6 for Arlina Veralda / Ayu Kartika Dewi

3. Yogyakarta Earth Quake Relief Fund

May 2006 – Cord.  Eka (SIF ’03)

5.9 magnitude earthquake that struck the city of Yogyakarta, Indonesia during the early morning hours on Saturday, May 27th, 2006. More than 5,000 people were killed and 25,000 injured. At least 17,485 residential houses were leveled down by the quake and 259 elementary and secondary school buildings were totally or seriously damaged. (source :

Eka, who lives in Yogyakarta, collaborate with his friends, supported victims of Yogyakarta disaster by supplying ready-to-eat meals, instant noodles, toiletries, medicine, etc to small villages in remote area which was not reached by government aid. Through Eka and his friends in Yogya, we collected several amount of money to help Yogya. Thank you to Eka and friends who worked so hard in distributing our donation

4. Books donation from Singapore Dec 2006 – Cord. Yogi (SIF ’00)

SIF has worked with its partners and volunteers to collect more than 600 books to be distributed to school/community library projects in ASEAN countries. The books are in English, Chinese & Tamil

Yogi is consolidating the information of school who wish to receive additional English books. Approximately 8 schools from elementary to high school have applied to be the recipients. There are 2 types of English books requested for ages 7 to 16 years old:

  1. Fiction (easy reading for ages 7-9 yrs old) and Fiction (novels from 10 – 16 yrs old)
  2. Non-fiction (reference books, general interest-based books such as Physics, Chemistry, Geography etc)

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